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Projects 2014
Woodfuel East
[Abstract: A Forestry Commissioner led partnership regional Wood Fuel Initiative for the East of England, supported under the Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) by Defra and the EU, with additional support from the Forestry Commission. The projectís objective: to establish a wood fuel supply chain; doubling the amount of extracted wood fuel from unmanaged and undermanaged woodland, delivering savings of at least 75,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year from 2013.]

Woodfuel East Project Independent Evaluation Report
Case studies:

Southill Estate
Aspect Forestry
Chopsticks Firewood
Jeff Coleman Firewood and Fencing

Trees and woodland
Ancient Woodland Clusters Mapping
[Abstract: A report on identifying clusters of ASNW (& PAWs), across the East of England] using local meetings and based on a mix of quantitative and qualitative criteria. A total of 33 clusters were identified, located in terms of GIS and assessed for potential enlargement/restoration and public benefit.]

Executive Summary - Woodbank 2003
[Abstract: The 2003 summary of the valuation of the various respects in which the East of England's woodland benefit the region.]

Trees or Turf?
[Abstract: Trees or Turf provides objective comparisons of the costs of maintaining grassland with that of various types of woodland. Its findings demonstrate that, in addition to the potential budget savings, trees and woodland provide a wide range of key benefits for quality of life in urban and suburban areas..]

Woodland for Life
[Abstract: The November 2003 comprehensive outline of the Regional Woodland Strategy, considering all six of the strategy sub-sets and providing detailed background notes on each of the six action plans.]

Woodland wealth appraisal
[Abstract: The original 2003 University of Gloucester study of the value of East of England woodlands.]

2010 Woodland wealth appraisal
[Abstract: The 2010 University of Gloucester study reappraising the value of East of England woodlands.]

Bioenergy 10 frequently asked questions
[Abstract: A September 2005 summary of FAQ's with responses that deal bioenergy issues such as types of tree and crops most appropriate, carbon sink functions and thus impacts on biodiversity.]

Whatever the weather - managing the risks from a changing climate
[Abstract: A CBI September 2010 report examining the risks to businesses from climate change for the UK and that reviews the impact of this, along with a series of case studies, and then proposes a selection of key business and government recommendations.]

Impact investing - a framework for policy design and analysis
[Abstract: A case study revealing the Netherland's Green Funds Scheme of tax incentives for 'green' projects.]

Living with climate change
[Abstract: A set of guidance notes, prepared for tree and woodland managers, that spells out the likely extent and impact of climate change in the East of England and providing some hints and contacts for dealing with this problem.]

Economic impacts of wild deer in the East of England
[Abstract: A 2003 report analysing the issue of wild deer, including an estimate of deer population densities, consideration of deer-related road traffic accidents (RTAs) and the various impacts of wild deer upon agriculture, forestry and plantation woodlands, nature conservation and human health; the economic value of deer-related tourism and deer poaching is also assessed. Current values and trends are indicated, along with research and management priorities.]

Firewood, fencing and furniture in the East of England
[Abstract: A 2002 report (updating a 1994 study) to ascertain the trends in demand for wood products in the East of England. Change in market demand was monitored through a variety of selected outlets.]

InCrops: Low carbon Supply Chains for Timber products in the East of England.Download the Executive Summary.
Download the Full Report.

[Abstract; An InCrops report commissioned by the East of England Development Agency, this report presents the case for a need to deliver a step change within the supply and use of wood in construction in the East of England. Initiating this step change will boost the delivery of low carbon and low impact solutions to meet increasing demand for housing in the region.

Opportunities for the market development of wood heating in the East of England
[Abstract: A 2005 report by Econergy which provides an overview of the market potential for woodfuel and the provision of 10 design studies (for woodchip or log-fire boilers) to stimulate 'pioneer' projects.]

The Economic Value of Green Infrastructure

[Abstract: A North west Development Agency paper advocating how a case for investment in GI can be made by concentrating on its economic benefits. How to assess the value of GI is also indicated.]

Scoping of a woodfuel project for the East of England:
[Abstract: a 2007 study to scope a project that will facilitate a significant increase in the uptake of woodfuel installations and build capacity in the associated supply chain within the region in order to support the targets outlined in the England Woodfuel Strategy (Forestry Commission 2007) which called for a significant increase in the uptake of wood fuel]

Woodfuel harvesting in undermanaged woodland
[Abstract: A 2002 assessment of whether undermanaged woodland in the East of England could be successfully harvested for woodfuel in an economic manner. Prepared by Econergy a system of work was proposed for accessing sites. The report contains two detailed case studies (Garboldisham and Rougham) and considers chipper productivity and a harvesting system cost-benefit analysis.]

Woodfuel in the East of England - Prospects and potential
[Abstract: A 2003 study by Econergy examining the potential for the development and growth of the wood energy business in the East of England. The current markets were reviewed and opportunities and barriers identified. Closes with an Action plan indicating where development might be assisted.]

Benefits of green infrastructure
[Abstract: A Forest Research report produced in 2010 and providing a full review of GI's diverse contributions to offsetting climate change, economic growth, land regeneration, health and wellbeing, communities and wildlife]

Space for people - Targeting action for woodland access
[Abstract: The Woodland Trust's 2010 report advocating 'Space for people' and stressing the value of woodland access. It specifies targets and considers policy implications. A comprehensive appendix offers a comprehensive district x district review of accessible and inaccessible woodlands and woodland creation opportunities.]

The economic and social cost of mental illness
[Abstract: A Sainsbury Centre report of 2003 that provided a detailed and authoritative analysis of the direct and indirect costs of mental illness.]

Faith Woodlands Project, Maulden Wood
[Abstract: Part of the ongoing partnership with Luton Council of Faiths and the Greensands Trust.]

Making Space for Nature - A review of England's Wildlife Sites and Ecological Network'
[Abstract: Full report prepared by Professor John Lawton on behalf of Defra and submitted September 2010.]

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Community woodland case study
[Abstract: Case study from Norfolk CC demonstrating community engagement and utilisation of a woodland education site]

Further case studies and reports from Norfolk [Various reports and examples of tree related projects from Norfolk County Council]

2007 Woodland for life case studies:

WFL-Communities #1 Faith Woodlands
WFL-Education #2 Forest Schools
WFL-Business #3 Deer Initiative & Mark Burrage
WFL-Energy #4 Renewable energy
WFL-Greenspace #5 Cambourne & Cambs GI
WFL-Wildlife #6 Peterborough wet woodland

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