Multiple benefits

Trees and woodland deliver an extremely broad range of benefits to people and places. There are numerous economic, climatic, social and environmental advantages to be derived from any project involving trees.

Consultants were appointed to revisit the original Woodland Appraisal report of 2003 and produce a detailed reappraisal of the annual value of trees and woodland in the East of England. To download a copy of this summary, 'click' here.

A downloadable summary of the main text from the website, with a small number of illustrative case studies, entitled 'Realising the benefits...'.
To download a copy of this report 'click' here.

Any project involving trees, or maintaining and/or creating woodland can be complicated. For those less familiar with development processes and requirements, this website also contains a list of contacts, on the Links page, of organisations who can support or advise. For a review of various opportunities in different sectors 'click' here.

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