Primary - Improved biodiversity: 2009 Deer Management Woodland Improvements

1. Project Title
Improvements in Woodland SSSI condition
A partnership between the Deer Initiative, the Forestry Commission and Natural England

2. List the main RWS theme(s) relevant to your project
Natural Environment

3. Short Project Description
This major project requires a comprehensive approach to deer management, including direct interventions and encouraging sustainable management practices amongst landowners. This initiative includes grant support, management plan development, and collaborations with woodland owners in key sub-regions, plus proactive communications to all of the owners concerned.

4. Project Status

5. What has been undertaken to date?
General management advice has been provided to a wide range of landowners and deer managers throughout the region. For instance, deer management plans have been produced for xx woodland SSSI’s in Norfolk, xx in South Herts and 35 in South Suffolk.

A collaborative process for future deer management is underway in one area and an informal deer management group now covers part of this area. Other such groups have been established elsewhere in the region.

6. Any specific lessons learned?
Deer require managing at the landscape scale. Co-operation between all partners is therefore vital. Time spent on one-to-one meetings with owners has been proven to make a highly significant contribution to this process.

The rate of grant support should equate to the significance of the biodiversity issue.

8. Contact Details

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