Primary - Improved biodiversity: 2011 Forest for Peterborough

The Forest for Peterborough, project is aiming to plant a tree for every person in Peterborough this will result in around 170,000 trees being planted over the next fifteen years. The idea is not to create a single woodland in one place, but to increase tree coverage, and other types of habitat, in different areas all over the city. Launched on 22nd November 2010 the project is about more than just planting trees – the aim is to increase the range of habitats in the city such as grassland and hedgerow as well as woodland creating green corridors throughout Peterborough to allow wildlife to flourish.

The project is looking to get local people, businesses, and landowners to come forward and show their support for the project both for donations of funding and also landowners that could provide space for planting, and volunteers to help plant.

The Forest for Peterborough will involve many partners working together. Local schools and community groups will be involved with the project to help people learn about the importance of biodiversity. The long-term vision for this project spans 15 years and beyond. Some of the partners already backing the project include the Forestry Commission, Peterborough City Council, Natural England, RSPB, Nene Park Trust, the Woodland Trust, and the Wildlife Trust. All these organisations, along with PECT, are members of the Natural Networks Partnership. This group makes sure that there are common goals for protecting and enhancing the green spaces in Peterborough. (You can find out more about the Natural Networks Partnership by visiting

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