Alternative - Improved biodiversity: 2009 Bradwell Community Woodland

1. Project Title
Bradwell Community Woodland Project

2. List the main RWS theme(s) relevant to your project
Quality of Life/Education & Training/Natural Environment

3. Short Project Description
This community group planted this small community woodland in Bradwell as part of the Green Light Trust’s ‘Community-owned Wildspaces’ scheme

4. Project Status
Completed in November 2007, the site is now managed by local residents and also has links to nearby primary schools.

5. What has been undertaken to date?
The woodland was designed in collaboration with the local community and primary schools. It involved well-attended community and school planting days that led to 1350 trees being planted.

6. Any specific lessons learned?
Vandalism is being countered and as a consequence more members of the local community are being prompted to help maintain the site. As a result the feeling of community ‘ownership’of the project is growing through these on-going work parties, specific projects and an appreciation of the site’s burgeoning biodiversity.

Contact Details
Bradwell Community Woodland Group – email:
Green Light Trust – email:
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