Primary - Contributing to local economies: 2011 Center Parcs

Center Parcs at Elveden (Elveden Forest Park) is a major holiday centre in a woodland setting, employing up to 1700 staff at full capacity, and adds an estimated 11 million to the local economy.

A report by Hallam Environmental Consultants and Sheffield Hallam looked at the value to the Bedford economy of a proposed new Centre Parc in their study. The study concluded that Center Parcs' Cyclical Refurbishment Programme aims to spend a minimum of approximately £2.5 million per year per Village (at 2004/5 prices).

The proportion of this expenditure that is likely to be paid to local contractors is £1.54 million. Application of multipliers produces expenditure impact of £1.7 million locally and £2.3 million regionally, arising from this local expenditure. It is estimated that the Programme creates or safeguards approximately 24 jobs locally.

The direct economic effect of a Center Parcs Forest Holiday Village is therefore the creation of approximately 900 to over 1000 FTE jobs. The multiplier effect means that the villages each support a total of 990 to 1100 jobs locally, and 1350 to 1500 jobs regionally. In addition to those directly employed by Center Parcs, therefore, a village supports an additional 90 to 100 local jobs indirectly.

The average wage bill is £10.5 million, This is a substantial economic impact.. Applying the Local and regional Multipliers to a net wage payment of £10 million, gives sums of £11 million and £15 million of net wages payment effect injected into the local and regional economies respectively, each.

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